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new releases october 2021

18 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Releases October 2021

Here are the 18 best Fantasy & Sci-Fi book releases of October 2021! Check out the different titles with genres in the overview, and click on the titles you’re interested in to jump to that book for more information. The book I’ve read this month is Crossbones (YA Adventure Fantasy,

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writing update august

August Writing Update: The Final Stretch

Welcome to my writing update for August. This is part of a series where I update you on my writing progress each month. This is one of those posts that are both a little bit for me (to help me keep track) and a little bit for you (in that

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august mini book reviews

August Reading Wrapup: What to Read Next

Welcome to the August 2021 reading wrapup. As you may (or may not) have noticed, I didn’t do a July wrapup. That’s because The Empire’s Ruin took me a loooong time to finish (and I did put it in the June review).  So I figured I’d just skip a month.

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new releases september 2021

16 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Releases September 2021

Scroll down for the new Fantasy & Sci-Fi book releases of September 2021.  As always, I’ve picked some of the best new releases for you, so you know what’s coming and what you want to add to your reading list. I didn’t read any new releases for this month. ‘Cause,

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why does an author hire a writing coach

Why does an author hire a developmental writing coach?

Wondering if you need to hire a writing coach? Or wondering what kinds of editing actually exist and if you need it? You’re not alone. Since I started working as a freelance editor, a lot of writers ask me: can you help me edit my book? But “editing” is very

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sci-fi space adventure books

Best Sci-Fi Space Adventure Books to Travel the Universe with

Ready for some sci-fi space adventure books? For this list, I’ve picked books that take place in space ships (or take place in them for the most part), where the protagonist travels the universe.  Other than that, the genres are quite diverse.  Think action sci-fi, thriller sci-fi, and romance sci-fi.

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