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      Latest From The Blog

      new book releases 2022

      The Best New Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Releases 2022

      Find the best new fantasy & sci-fi book releases for 2022 below. I will update this post each month (to make sure the new books are up to date), and I’ll add the next months at the end of each quarter.  Meaning: in March, I’ll add April, May, & June.

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      six different book covers of vampire books

      The Best Books with Vampires to Sink Your Fangs Into

      Below you can find the best vampire books to sink your fangs into! These books with vampires are sure to excite, thrill, or swoon you. Whether you’re looking for books to read if you like the vampire diaries (hint: you can also read the books from the series) or looking

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      literary valentine's day gifts, gifts for book lovers in love

      Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Book Lovers in Love

      Valentine’s Day is almost there, so I gathered the best literary valentine’s gifts. To be honest, I never really participate in the whole Valentine’s Day shabang, but I might start, just to get some of the items below from my partner (I’m only kidding. I know it’s not about the

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      paper on table with hand marking text with pen

      Why does an author hire a line editor?

      Line editing is a type of editing that is often overlooked. Mostly because writers don’t quite know what line editing is and how it can improve their book. Many writers are also worried that line editing would take away their voice. However, good line editors would never change the story

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