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    August Writing Update: The Final Stretch

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    Welcome to my writing update for August.

    This is part of a series where I update you on my writing progress each month. This is one of those posts that are both a little bit for me (to help me keep track) and a little bit for you (in that I try to make it informative and give some tips).

    At least, I hope that reading about my journey can inspire and/or help you in some way.

    In any case, I do also post links to other helpful writing articles I found, so at least that should be helpful.

    You can find the past writing updates here.

    writing update august 2021 the final stretch
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    What I worked on this month


    I’m almost finished with my book! 🥳

    Well, the first draft at least.

    As of now, when I write this (which is the last day of August), I have 34 scenes and over 58k words written.

    So, I’m estimating the book will end up being around 70-75k.

    Only 7ish scenes to go!

    Well, when I’ll be posting this blog, I should be almost finished.

    So, woohoo!

    Let’s see if there’s anything I’ve learned along the way, hm?

    1. Accountability helps. I’m doing this with my editor—even though we’re not meeting (and I do miss her!) I still write her an email each week with my progress. There’s a little bit of the ‘shame factor‘ involved here. When I’m falling a bit behind, I remember I have to email her, and I just feel I don’t wanna dissapoint her with bad progress. So I just amp up my game and stay on track. If you don’t have an editor, I’d suggest you pick a friend or your partner or parents or basically anyone who can hold you accountable to your goals. Let them know when you would like to finish, how many scenes/words you’d have to write each week to make that happen, set a day to email them, and then email them each week.

    2. Plan something directly after your deadline as a reward. Writing a book is a huge deal (a lot of people never even finish their first draft), so you’re allowed to reward yourself! I’m going on a holiday the weekend after I hand over my manuscript to my editor, and I’m really looking forward to it! Granted, I also would’ve gone on a holiday if I hadn’t written a book, but because it’s directly after it does feel like a nice reward and some extra motivation to finish (I mean, I don’t want to drag my laptop with me and feel like I still need to work).

    If there’s anything I could give you to aid your writing journey, these tips are definitely it.

    My Goals for September

    So yeah, finish the f*cker!

    I’m very, very close, so I’m not expecting any problems in that regard.

    And when I’m finished, I’m just going to send the manuscript to my editor & take it off my mind for a while when I’m on holiday.

    Helpful writing articles

    Some helpful articles to help you along your writing journey.

    🍁 On the blog, I posted a first in a series of articles to explain some types of editing and other types of writing help. The first one is all about hiring a writing coach: what do they do and why would you hire one?

    🍁  Are you writing a character who’s a child? Here are some tips on what (not) to do!

    🍁 A writing retreat can be great to get some progress in, but what if you don’t have the time? Here are some ideas for an afternoon writing retreat.

    🍁 For some tips on how to write clues & red herrings, check out this article.

    Tell me about your writing progress

    That was it for my August writing update.

    Any project you’re working on?

    How’s your writing going?

    What are you struggling with, or what’s going really well?

    Let me know in the comments!

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    Want to Learn More About Writing?

    Sign up & receive access to my FREE WRITING WEBINARS
    designed to help you along your writing journey. In addition, you will get weekly writing tips & tricks in your inbox.

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