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Ari and her dragon Oizealth are in the final round of a deadly competion: Veils. Only two more men are in the way of what she truly wants: a life together with the one she loves.

But does Ari have what it takes to win?

    28 Rock-Solid Blog Topics for Book Bloggers

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    Finding blog topics for book bloggers can be difficult some times. What kind of things can you blog about as a book blogger besides the obvious full review? It’s a thing I wanted to do some research on, as writing full reviews cost quite some time, and a bit of variation can be fun!

    And since I was doing research, I figured: why not share?

    blog topics for book bloggers

    My list of 28 Blog Topics for Book Bloggers

    Periodical lists

    1. Seasonal reading lists: think summer, spring, autumn, and winter lists. Every season fits different types of books.
    2. Holiday book list: Such as Halloween (horror books), Valentines’ Day (romance books), but also Christmas (Cheerful books), fathers’ and mothers’ day. You can also use whatever invented day (did you know July 19th was National Ice Cream Day in the U.S.?). It might give you inspiration for a great themed list (also, see point 4).
    3. Period lists: If you like books from or about a certain period, you can also make a list of that. Say, WWII, or WWI, the Industrial age, Medieval times, Victorian England, and what more.

    All kinds of lists

    1. Themed book list: Paranormal books, YA books (YA books are extremely popular), books featuring dragons, fairies, fairytale retellings, you name it.
    2. Favorite podcasts: There are tons of podcasts out there, and they are getting increasingly popular. There are also podcasts about reading and ones where they talk with your favorite authors.
    3. Great Audiobooks: I have to admit: I’ve yet to listen to an audiobook. I’m determined to try them out this summer, though. It seems kinda relaxed to just let someone tell me the story instead of having to read it, but on the other hand, reading the words is part of the fun. Anyway, like podcasts, audiobooks are getting increasingly popular, so making a list on that is a good idea. There are different things to consider, such as the narrator—did they have a pleasant voice to listen to?
    4. Books perfect for book clubs: Again, never been in a book club before. But I’d say great books for book clubs are the ones with a slightly more controversial theme and/or characters. In any case, there needs to be something to discuss, right?
    5. Quotes! Where there are books, there are quotes. Make a list of your favorite book quotes, quotes you found inspiring, quotes that taught you something, quotes that were life-changing, or just quotes with fantastic prose.
    6. Gift guides: Who doesn’t love gifts? You can create guides featuring the most wonderful bookish gifts to give to book-lovers. Now their friends will finally give them the right kind of gift.

    Personal lists/topics

    1. Book Hauls: This becomes a little more personal. Show people what books you bought, and tell them why you bought these. Add pictures, be personal. Did you buy it for the color? Did you buy it because you love the author? Or just because it was cheap?
    2. Monthly & end of the year wrap-up: A list with mini-reviews each month to show off what you read in that month. Then, at the end of the year, you can make a post with an overview of the best x nr. of books you read that year.
    3. Your favorite bookish places: Does your city have a cool library? A neat bookshop with a café? Share them! It gives a more personal feel and offers book-lovers tips on where to go if they ever visit your city.
    4. Your geeky stuff/collection/hobbies: Do you collect funkos? (I do!), bookish candles? Do you have any hobbies besides reading that still relates to the book community? Tell your readers about it! And give them tips on where they can find this stuff as well, or how to do it.
    5. Your bookshelves: Showcase your bookcase and your shelves. How do you organize them? Why did you choose to organize them this way? Do you have any tips for others to organize their bookshelves?
    6. DIY Bookart: If you’re an arts-and-crafts kind of person, you might come up with creative ways to make art out of books, or draw your favorite characters, and whatnot. Show how to do it to your readers as well!

    Other book-related topics

    1. X reasons to read a book: Instead of a full review in the usual format, it’s possible just to list the points on why a reader should read that book. It can also be things like x things I learned from this book, or x reasons why I love this character. Just be creative.
    2. Book tags: Honestly, I had no idea what a book tag was. Is that bad? Anyway, I noticed it somewhere, so I googled it (don’t we always?). You can either find a book-tag made by someone else and do that one (just be sure to link back to them), or you can make your own! It does seem like an excellent way to get backlinks as well, and it’s something different than a usual challenge.
    3. Cover reveals: If you’re a pretty established book blogger (I’m not—yet), a publisher might send you the cover of a new book. You can then hype it up and make a nice post about it to reveal the cover.
    4. Author interviews: What can also be fun is to ask other authors for an interview (both publisher and self-published). Just don’t ask the “Where do you get your inspiration from?” or “What made you start writing?” questions. Very standard, not very interesting. Try and be a bit more imaginative than that for a fun interview.
    5. Contests/Awards: You can host a contest with an award if you want. You can look at other book bloggers for inspiration. It can also be a giveaway, for instance, if you have been given some copies of a book by an author to give away.
    6. Blog tours: When you’re an established book blogger, publishers will contact you (I know, seems crazy, right?), for participating in book tours to promote an upcoming release. Apparently, they usually have some idea on what kind of post you should write (e.g., a review, interview, guest post, etc.).
    7. Read Alikes: If you like the hunger games, you will like… this x nr. of books. Or, if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you should definitely read this next. I see a lot of these on Pinterest, and they do seem to perform well, so this might not be a bad idea.
    8. Unpopular opinions: Shake things up! Perhaps you don’t like LoTR at all and don’t get the hype (I dare you), or you have a different opinion than the masses about another famous book. Or you don’t think listening to audiobooks is reading. Just make sure you back-up your opinion, and let the discussion begin!
    9. Expert round-up post: These actually seem quite nice, as it mostly involves others to do the writing. It’s similar to a guest post; only you ask multiple people on their opinion on something. This can be anything from asking them their all-time favorite books or favorite genres, authors, to their best tips on reading, blogging, and whatever else you can come up with.
    10. Other book blogs: Or just share a list with your favorite book-bloggers. Say why you love them and why other’s should take the time to follow them and read their posts.

    Reading topics

    1. Reading Challenges: A challenge for each month, or several within each month, or a specific genre. People love challenges.
    2. Discussion/book club post: This would be nice for engagement, I’d say. Pick a book you want to read, perhaps even host a read-along or read-a-thon, which you can then also host on Instagram (or Facebook, if that’s more your thing). And then you can discuss it with your readers!
    3. Tips on how to read more: I could honestly use this. Finding time for reading is difficult sometimes. So tell me how I can read more, please!

    That’s a wrap!

    That’s it: my list with 28 blog topics for book bloggers. Well, I don’t know about you, but I think this list will give me some inspiration for the time to come! And, when in doubt: check Pinterest to see what people are looking for now, or check out blogs by other book bloggers. That’s what I did. Just remember: DON’T COPY POSTS AND USE THEM AS YOUR OWN.

    Just wanted to have said it. Use other book bloggers as an inspiration to come up with your own blog topics and always write using your own voice.

    Have fun blogging!

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    Sign up for the newsletter & receive a free short story: Veils. 

    Ari and her dragon Oizealth are in the final round of a deadly competion: Veils. Only two more men are in the way of what she truly wants: a life together with the one she loves.

    But does Ari have what it takes to win?

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