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    21 Best Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Releases of February 2021

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    January is already halfway through, and so here comes a new list with the best fantasy and sci-fi book releases of February 2021.

    The list includes a new star wars novel, some urban fantasy, fantasy romance, some good old dystopian sci-fi, and much more!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to read any of this list, but I made sure that the books selected received a high reviewer rating (around 4 stars on GoodReads).

    Now, without further ado, you can find the list of the best fantasy & sci-fi book releases of February 2021 below.

    21 best fantasy and sci-fi book releases february 2021
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    Table of Contents

    Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Releases February 2021

    All the Tides of Fate (All the Stars and Teeth #2) by Adalyn Grace

    all the tides of fate book cover sci fi fantasy books new releases 2021

    Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure, Pirates, Mythology
    Pubdate: 2nd of February
    Publisher: Imprint

    It’s the sequel, y’all.

    A quick recap: Amora Montara has conquered a rebellion and taken her place as Queen of Visidia. She can’t allow anyone to see her weakness while the islands are in turmoil and people question her authority.

    She can’t let anybody know about the curse in her bloodline, or that she’s lost her magic. Or that there’s a boy who holds the missing half of her soul. Many, many secrets. She goes on a desperate quest for a mythical artifact that could fix everything, but it has quite the cost. She tries balancing her loyalty to her people, her crew, and her desires, but the power to rule might just very well destroy her.

    Everything that burns (Enchantée #2) by Gita Trelease

    everything that burns book cover fantasy book releases february 2021

    Genre: YA Historical Fantasy
    Pubdate: 2nd of February
    Publisher: Self-published

    To keep herself and her sister safe, Camille Durbonne gambled everything she had. But as the people of Paris starve and mobs riot, safety may no longer be possible. Especially not since Camille lives for the rebellion. While she writes captivating stories to win over the public, she suspects dark magic she can’t control lies at the heart of her success. When Louis XVI declares magic a crime and magicians traitors, bonfires incinerate enchanted books, and police prowl the city. Camille is in search of answers, leading her down a perilous path, one that may cost her the boy she loves or even her own life.

    Pyro Canyon (Cosmic Sparks #4) by Robert Appleton

    sci-fi book releases february 2021 pyro canyon book cover

    Genre: Adult Sci-Fi
    Pubdate: 2nd of February
    Publisher: Self-published

    The war of the border worlds is about to re-ignite. Corporal Gus Trillion at the Propaganda Office drums up recruits, but the people of the inner colonies have heard too many false alarms to apply. Gus, disabled in battle and on the verge of burnout, shares their indifference. Until his reporter friend Lyssa Baltacha uncovers top-secret satellite footage confirming the extent of the threat. And so, Gus and Lyssa need to find a way to galvanize humanity to rise against the enemy before it’s too late. They need to recruit the two legendary fighter aces, “Cardie” and “Brink,” to lead the counter-attack. But these heroes retired long ago, though they never told anyone why. Another riddle Gus and Lyssa need to solve if they want any kind of success. The riddle of Pyro Canyon.

    Beneath the Keep (The Queen of the Tearling #0) by Erika Johansen

    beneath the keep book cover fantasy and sci-fi book releases

    Genre: YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    Pubdate: 2nd of February
    Publisher: Dutton Books

    The Tearling has fallen from a utopia into feudalism. The gap between rich and poor widening, famine threatening, and unrest sparking. Rumors of a prophecy start to spread: a true Queen who will rise and save the kingdom. But rumors don’t help Lazarus; a man raised to kill in the underworld of the Creche, nor Aislinn, a farm girl who must reckon with her role in the growing rebellion. The crown princess Elyssa is torn between duty and the lure of the Blue Horizon, a group of fierce idealists who promise radical change. But the choice needs to be made quickly, before a witch and her shadowy master use their dark magic to decide for her. Lazarus, Aislinn, and Elyssa will soon be called into the service of something bigger than they ever imagined: a fight for a better world.

    A History of What Comes Next (A History of What Comes Next #1) by Sylvain Neuvel

    a history of what comes next book cover

    Genre: Adult Historical Sci-Fi
    Pubdate: 2nd of February

    Mia’s family has shaped human history to push them to the stars for over 99 identical generations. They made brutal, wrenching choices and sacrificed countless lives. Mia’s turn comes at the age of rocketry with a mission to lure Wernher Von Braun away from the Nazi party and into the American rocket program and secure the future of the space race. But Mia’s family is not the only group pushing the levers of history: there’s an even more ruthless enemy behind the scenes.

    Into the Dark (Star Wars Disney Canon Novel) by Claudia Gray

    sci-fi book releases february 2021 star wars high republic book cover

    Genre: YA Sci-Fi
    Pubdate: 2nd of February
    Publisher: Disney Lucasfilm Press

    Padawan Reath Silas would’ve rather stayed at the Jedi Temple, studying the archives. Instead, he’s sent from the capital of Coruscant to the undeveloped frontier. As the ship he’s traveling on is knocked out of hyperspace in a galactic-wide disaster, Reath suddenly finds himself at the center of the action. The Jedi and his traveling companions find refuge in an abandoned space station, but soon strange things start to happen, leading the Jedi to investigate this mysterious station. Possibly uncovering a truth that could end in tragedy.

    Of Wicked Blood (The Quatrefoil Chronicles #1) by Olivia Wildenstein & Katie Hayoz

    fantasy book releases of wicked blood book cover

    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Romance
    Pubdate: 2nd of February
    Publisher: Twig Publishing

    Slate regrets stealing the Bloodstone from the De Morel’s crypt after realizing it was a curse-magnet that only comes off if he and three others successfully defeat four curses. If anyone fails, he’s dead. Cadence was raised in tales of magic in a town reputed to be the birthplace of French witchcraft. She just didn’t think any of these tales were real. Until the night she met Slate, wearing a ring he stole from her mother’s grave.

    What Big Teeth by Rose Szabo

    what big teeth fantasy book releases february 2021

    Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy, Horror
    Pubdate: 2nd of February
    Publisher: FSG

    Eleanor has not seen or spoken with her family in years. Not after they sent her away to the boarding school of Saint Bridig’s. Her memories of them are vague: the fanged snout of her grandfather, the barrel full of water her mother always soaked in, and the hunting trips in the dark wood with her sister and cousins. And they all looked at her as if she was a freak. But now Eleanor finds the courage to return home and confront her family, but they already seem to await her and welcome her with open arms. And yet, a sudden death rocks the family, leaving Eleanor to manage the difficult new dynamic. She turns to her mysterious grandmother, Grandmere, for help, who brings order into the household. But that soon turns to tyranny. To survive, Eleanor must embrace her family and join forces with the ghost of Grandma Persephone to confront the monstrousness lurking deep within her Grandmere, and herself.

    Muse (Muse #1) by Brittany Cavallaro

    muse book cover best fantasy book releases

    Genre: YA Historical Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    Pubdate: 2nd of February
    Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

    In the year 1893, a war is brewing in the First American Kingdom. However, Claire Emerson has a bigger problem: she wants to escape. Her father is a sought-after inventor, but he believes his genius is a gift, granted to him by his daughter’s touch. And so he’s kept Claire under his control for years. Claire plans to claim her life for herself, even as her friend, Beatrix, tries to convince her to help the resistance movement who want to see a woman on the throne. But the plan fails, and Claire is taken captive by Governor Remy Duchamp, St. Cloud’s young, untried ruler. Remy believes Claire’s touch bestows graces he’s never had and that Claire might be his only and best ally when his power weakens. But the last thing Claire wants is to be someone else’s muse.

    A Search for Starlight (The Firewall Trilogy #3) by James Maxwell

    best sci-fi book releases february 2021 search for starlight book cover

    Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
    Pubdate: 4th of February
    Publisher: 47North

    Taimin and Selena have destroyed the firewall that trapped them in their dangerous wasteland. But outside of it, under the same two scorching suns, live the bonded. This is a powerful and ancient enemy that will unleash a destructive war on the wasteland’s inhabitants. Taimin knows it’s a fight they can’t win. Selena uses all her power as a mystic to protect the white city of Zorn when it comes under attack, while Taimin’s path takes him to Agravida. There, he must work fast to find a weakness in the unbeatable enemy. To save everyone, they seek to contact their ancestors in the stars. But will they reach them in time? Will they help turn the tide?

    Oasis One (Children of the Miracle #2) by Daniel Weisbeck

    oasis one book cover sci-fi book releases

    Genre: Dystopian Sci-Fi
    Pubdate: 5th of February
    Publisher: DJW Books

    War is approaching while the virus spreads. The only hope for a cure is Doctor Mercy Perching. She will have to save her human-animal hybrid friends, who are all running for their lives.

    The Iron Raven (The Iron Fey: Evenfall #1) by Julie Kagawa

    best fantasy sci-fi book releases the iron raven book cover

    Genre: YA Sci-Fi Fantasy
    Pubdate: 9th of Februari
    Publisher: Inkyard Press

    Puck, King Oberon’s right-hand jester from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ finally tells his story and faces a threat to the lands of Faery and the human world unlike any before. He begins a fantastical and dangerous adventure with Iron Queen Meghan Chase, her prince consort and Puck’s longtime rival Ash, and other old and new allies by his side.

    The Gilded Ones (Deathless #1) by Namina Forna

    the gilded ones book cover best fantasy books 2021

    Genre: YA Coming-of-Age Sci-Fi Fantasy
    Pubdate: 9th of Februari
    Publisher: Delacorte

    To determine whether she becomes a member of her village, a certain blood ceremony exists. Deka lives in fear and anticipation of that day; all she needs is red blood. Instead, her blood runs gold: the color of impurity. Her consequence will be worse than death.

    But then a mysterious woman comes to her, giving her a choice: stay and face her fate, or leave to fight for the emperor in an army of girls like her, called the alaki. These are near-immortals with a rare gift and the only ones who can stop the empire’s greatest threat. Naturally, Deka decides to leave and travels to the capital for training. She discovers that the city holds many surprises during that time: nothing and no one is quite what they seem to be, including herself.

    Stormbreak (Seafire #3) by Natalie C. Parker

    best sci-fi and fantasy book releases february 2021 stormbreak book cover

    Genre: YA Adventure Fantasy, Pirates
    Pubdate: 9th of February
    Publisher: Razorbill

    The time for the conclusion of Seafire is here!

    Although Aric Athair is dead, the fight for the Bullet Seas is far from over. Caldonia’s nemesis, Lir, has seized control of the warlord’s army. And so Caledonia and her crew have fled to Cloudbreak to prepare for an all-out war. Fortunately, defecting soldiers start showing up in droves to join their fight. But when it seems the tides might be turning in their favor, a surprise attack decimates the growing rebellion. Caledonia is desperate and forced to make an unlikely and unsteady alliance. A gamble that might cost her everything, but Caledonia will do whatever it takes.

    The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

    the witchs heart book cover best fantasy book releases february 2021

    Genre: Adult Fantasy, Mythology
    Pubdate: 9th of February
    Publisher: Ace Books

    Odin punishes Angrboda for refusing to provide him with knowledge of the future, which sees her burned. The fires leave her injured and powerless, and she flees into the farthest reaches of a remote forest. She’s found by a man called Loki, and her initial distrust transforms into a deep and abiding love. They end up raising three unusual children, each with a secret destiny. Angrboda raises them at the edge of the world, safely hidden from Odin’s all-seeing eye. But when she slowly recovers her prophetic powers, she learns that her life, and potentially all of existence, is in danger. With help from Skadi, a fierce huntress, Angrboda needs to choose to either accept the fate she’s foreseen for her family or rise to remake their future.

    Of Silver and Shadow by Jennifer Gruenke

    of silver and shadow book cover

    Genre: YA Fantasy Romance
    Pubdate: 16th of February
    Publisher: Flux

    In the kingdom of Erdis, magic has been outlawed for a century. A dangerous thing for Ren Kolins, who is a silver wielder just trying to survive. She sticks to a life of petty thievery, card games, and fighting. But then a wealthy rebel leader discovers her secret, and he makes her an offer: a fortune to join his revolution, only gained after the King is overthrown.

    Within the castle walls, a group known as the King’s Children has their own competition: find the rebel leader and become King’s Fang, the King’s right hand. Adley Farre takes part in this competition, hunting the rebels down one by one, torturing her way to Ren and the leader. However, time is running out for all of them as political tensions reach a boiling point. Ren and the rebels need to take the throne before war breaks out.

    A Court of Silver Flames (A Court of Thorns and Roses #4) by Sarah J. Maas

    a court of silver flames book cover sci fi fantasy books new releases 2021

    Genre: New Adult Fantasy Romance
    Pubdate: 16th of February
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

    Ever since Nesta Archeron was forced into the Cauldron and became High Fae against her will, she’s struggled to find a place within the deadly world. Even worse, she can’t seem to move past the horrors of the war with Hybern and all she lost. The one who ignites her temper more than any other is Cassian, the battle-scarred warrior. His position in Rhysand and Feyre’s Night Court keeps him constantly in Nesta’s orbit. There’s an undeniable fire between them, only burning hotter as they are forced into close quarters with each other.

    Meanwhile, the human Queens who returned to the Continent during the last war have forged a dangerous new alliance. It’s threatening the fragile peace that has settled over the realms. The key to halting them might just rely on Cassian and Nesta facing their pasts.

    Reaper of Souls (Kingdom of Souls #2) by Rena Barron

    reaper of souls book cover best fantasy sci-fi book releases february 2021

    Genre: YA Fantasy, Mythology
    Pubdate: 18th of February
    Publisher: HarperTeen

    Arrah has yearned for the gift of magic for many years, and she finally got it—at a terrible price. She’s now the last surviving witchdoctor to pick up the shattered pieces of a family that betrayed her, a kingdom in shambled and long-buried secrets about who she is. Arrah doesn’t want to repeat her mother’s mistakes, so Arrah returns to the tribal lands to search for help. But the Demon King’s shadow looms closer than she thinks. Arrah struggles to unravel her connection to him, and defeating him begins to seem more impossible.

    A Dark and Hollow Star (A Dark and Hollow Star #1) by Ashley Shuttleworth

    best fantasy book releases a dark and hollow star

    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy, LGBTQ
    Pubdate: 23rd of February
    Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

    The Eight Courts of Folk have lived among us for centuries, concealed by magic and bound by law not to harm humans. It’s an arrangement that kept the peace in the Courts until a series of gruesome and ritualistic murders rock the city of Toronto and threaten to expose faeries to the human world. Four queer teens need to form an alliance to track down the mysterious killer. If they fail, they risk the destruction of the faerie and human world alike. Not just that, but there’s also a war brewing between the Mortal and Immortal Realms, and one of these teens is destined to tip the scales. But the question is: which way?

    Kingdom of Shadow and Light (Fever #11) by Karen Marie Moning

    kingdom of shadow and light book cover fantasy book releases

    Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy Romance
    Pubdate: 23rd of February
    Publisher: Dell Books

    There’s a brewing war between the Seelie and Unseelie, which is threatening to explode. The outcome will be definitive and will change the fate of the Fae forever and thrust humanity into either light or total darkness. But as MacKayla Lane embarks deeper into the origins of the Fae, she begins to question who is truly good and who is truly evil.

    Vasilisa (Old Rus #1) by Julie Mathison

    vasilisa book cover

    Genre: YA Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retellings

    Pubdate: 23rd of February

    Publisher: Starr Creek Press

    Based on Russian Fairytales, in 1919 Edenfall, Pennsylvania. Vasilisa’s life still seems to be at war, even if the real Great War is over. Her father is presumed dead, her mother is being courted by a total ogre, and her grandmother has had a bad spell. Or has she fallen under one? Her only source of comfort is the Old Tales, the Russian fables she was raised on.

    Ivan jumps on a train for Edenfall at midnight and finds Vasilisa. Old Rus is calling from across time and both worlds, and if they heed the call, they might both get what they want. But it won’t be easy. They’re up against three witches, two children, and one ogre. However, Vasilisa has a secret weapon, but will the meek truly inherit the earth? Or will the mighty prevail?

    Those were the Book Releases of January 2021

    That’s it for the list of Fantasy and Sci-Fi book releases of February 2021. I hope you found some excellent ones in here! Which one are you most excited about? Any you’d like to preorder or read as soon as it comes out? Let me know in the comments!

    To speak for myself, I’ve heard great things about The Gilded Ones, so I might snatch a copy of that one at some point!

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    But does Ari have what it takes to win?

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