Below you can find the books I’m working on (my works in progress, or WIPs). I hope for both of them to be ready for publishing somewhere in 2021, but we’ll see. In any case, Ice Cold will be finished before Half-Bloods, so perhaps Half-Bloods will be delayed to 2022.

The Isdra Chronicles: The Half-Bloods

Ethan’s world changes when Princess Selena, his best friend, is taken by the magical Nemorivagus. He is tasked by his King to find and return Selena, leaving his comfortable yet boring position as a guard behind. Ethan ventures out of Frostburgh for the first time, with his brother Isac and his nemesis Owen, determined to find his friend. This proves a challenging ordeal, as the Kingdom of Isdra is at the brink of war with the Nemorivagus and danger is all around. Still, Ethan soon finds not all is what it seems and in order to survive, he needs to come to terms with parts of himself he rather didn’t know about.

Planned to arrive in 2021.

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Ice Cold

At 11, Nikki deals with much the same problems as any other child: school, friends, and the fragile relationship of her parents. However, after two consecutive accidents and a chilling discovery, Nikki is forced to choose between her parents and has to deal with these strange powers that seem to be growing stronger by the day.

Planned to arrive in 2021.

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