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    Swoon-worthy Fall Home Library Décor for Every Budget

    It’s officially Fall, the season of Halloween, falling leaves, and cozy blanket snuggling with a book and hot cup of cocoa. I don’t know about you, but I love to have small decorations that shift each season, not just in my house, but also in my bookcase. As such, I’ve searched for the best fall and Halloween décor items that you can use to decorate your bookcase to create your perfect fall home library.

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    Led Lights

    Days are getting shorter, which means more darkness. Led lights are an easy way to create a cozy atmosphere and fit with the fall décor.

    Take these lights with leaves, with 20 LED lights, for example. They look like fallen leaves that can easily flow around your bookcase along the top, or place them on one of your shelves, or tape them to the side to make it seem like they’re falling from the side. They’re battery-powered (2 AA batteries needed), so you’re not limited by having to use a power outlet.

    Instead of these, you can also try these Maple Leaf Twinkle Lights, which also has 20 lights with realistic-looking leaves. They also work with batteries, but in this case, you need 3 AA ones, and it has 2 modes to choose from; twinkly and shining.

    Or get these Fairy Lights with an orange glow. I love fairy lights, as they’re great for pictures for bookstagram. And with this orange glow, they instantly give off that cozy fall vibe. Typically, it’s also fun to get a glass bottle and put them in there for a nice, decorative effect, but these are a bit large for that. However, you could drape the string over the bookcase and put the ending in the glass bottle. The string itself contains 50 LEDs, and is 16.4ft (about 5 meters), and is battery powered. It even has a remote, which is super convenient to put them on or off, adjust the brightness, and change them from shining to twinkling, or any of the other 8 different modes. You can even set a timer, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn them off.


    Of course, next to LED light strings, there are also tea lights. You can spread these out on your shelves, put some on your books and place them on the top of your bookcase. One option is these Halloween themed Tea lights with their black color. There are 12 lights in the pack, made from plastic and give off light for about 120 hours. All lights contain a CR2031 lithium battery that can be replaced after they’re empty.

    My personal favorite is these pumpkin-shaped tea lights. Adorable, right? They even flicker, to give the illusion of a real candle, without the harm of burning your precious books. These lights give off a soft orange glow, and all use the CR2032 button cell batteries included in each of the 12 lights.


    Fall Leaves

    There are not just leaves with lights, but also regular fall leaves that you can use to give an excellent fall vibe to your bookcase. For instance, you can use this one with artificial maple fall leaves that uses a wire so you can mold it into the shape that you want. That’s some great autumn home library décor right there! 🍁 Oh, and it’s about 6ft long (about 1.8 meters).

    Or use these leaves, with orange, yellow, burgundy, and green leaves to give that decorative accent to your bookshelves. Again, you can bend it to any shape you need, and this one is only slightly shorter than the other one (it’s 70 inches, so around 178 cm).

    If you want even more (which I can understand), you can get this pack of 4 strings with leaves, all 6ft (about 1.8 meters). This way, you can even tie them together to make it longer, or use several next to each other to create the illusion of a pile of leaves, or many falling leaves if you tape them to the side of your bookcase.



    I’m what you could call a candle addict. And what is cozier than having candles in your house? Especially if they have a nice fall-themed scent. It’s a bit more tricky to place them on your bookshelves, as you don’t want to burn your books when lighting the candles. Honestly, often I just put the candles on my shelves more as décor, and when I decide to light them I place them on my coffee table to use. That way I don’t run the risk, but they still look good in my bookcase in the meantime.

    These Yankee candles are awesome. They’re huge, with 22 oz (.65 l), which means they burn around 110-150 hours, and as a bonus, these candles are 100% recyclable. This one has a vibrant orange color, with a harvest scent, which is a blend of cinnamon, cloves, musk, and hints of sweet apple and pumpkin. That’s totally the scent of autumn, in my opinion. For a different color and fragrance, you can try out this red one called Enchanted Moon, which smells of juniper, peony, and teak. Very woodsy.



    Why just have a centerpiece on your table? A centerpiece can also work in your home library! On your bookcase, within your shelves, or next to it as part of your home library décor space. The options are endless.

    First off, flowers. Who doesn’t love flowers? These Maple tree lights with pumpkin sunflowers and acorns scream Fall, and they even have 24 LED lights to make it even more special. It’s the perfect accent for your bookcase. It works with a total of 6 AA batteries, and its total height is 1.6 ft (about 50 cm). The branches are also flexible, so you can bend them any way you want.

    Now, if you have a bit more budget, the Swinging Ghoulies Figurine is totally amazing. I love it and wish I had a bit more budget. They’re the perfect addition for Halloween, and extremely fun to look at. It illuminates, and the characters swing thanks to an AC adapter, which is included. Its total height is 10 inches (about 25 cm), so it’s a great height to feature on one of your bookshelves.



    For a more fairytale theme in your bookcase, these Wicked Witch Legs are great. Stick them at the bottom of your bookcase, or make it seem like they come out of a pile of books. They’re around 14 inches in length (about 35 cm) and made of fabric.

    This Pumpkin Spice Everything wooden block is great to put on your shelves, as you can even use it as book support. It shouldn’t even be too difficult to make yourself if you get a nice piece of wood, add the nails, and put the twine around it. But if you don’t want to go through that effort (like me), or aren’t that crafty, you can also buy it! The block is 3 x 4 inches (about 7 x 10 cm).

    This Black Spider Web is a Table Runner, but you can easily use it to drape over your bookshelves or the top of your bookcase as a cool Halloween decoration. It’s made of polyester, can be washed in the machine, and even ironed (if needed, and very lightly).


    Nightmare before Christmas

    Does this need to be a separate heading? Umm, yes. A Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorite movies, and I can’t believe I don’t have any figurines or funkos of it yet. When I was younger, I did have this bag with Jack’s head on it, which I even brought when I went out. I loved it that much, even if it was uncool (or maybe it was cool? 🤔).

    Anyway, I digress. These Nightmare Before Christmas items are just the perfect addition to your Fall bookcase décor because it depicts Halloween.

    I just need you to see this figurine of Jack Skellington, because it’s perfect, and I want it. The total height is 7 inches (18 cm), and it’s totally hand-crafted from resin and painted by hand. And if you have Jack, you should have Sally as well, right? Just look at it, it’s so gorgeous! Sally’s a bit taller than Jack, with her 8 inches (21 cm)


    Or you could go for this Jack (same height), which is part of the vinyl collection. And it comes with the addition of Zero! Or what about this Jack? This one actually goes better with Sally, don’t you think? It’s the same 8 inches in height (21 cm) and has such incredible detail.

    This is the final one, I swear, but just look at this Zero figurine, together with his dog house! Isn’t it absolutely stunning? Handcrafted from stone resin and also hand-painted. It’s smaller than the other’s, with ‘just’ 5 inches (13 cm).


    That was it for the Fall Home Library Décor

    So, what do you think? Anything there you like or think about getting to spice up your bookcase and shelves? I already got some Fall decor myself, with loose leaves, some acorns, fall-colored candles, and a velvet pumpkin thing. Still, I can always get more… I’m leaning towards getting the fairy lights (as they’re fantastic for décor as well as bookstagram pictures), and I will save up for those gorgeous The Nightmare Before Christmas figurines. I just need to have those. 🖤

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