Start your writing career without any self-doubt

I'm not good enough.

No one will read my story, anyway.

Everyone will hate my book.

We've all had these negative thoughts while writing, publishing, or marketing our books. But how great would it be if that voice didn't bother you anymore?

Overcome your fears and learn how to deal with that self-doubter in your head by taking this free email course.

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Here's how the course works:


You sign up & confirm your subscription

You'll get the free workbook to help you through this course. Download it and print it out.


You get a total of four lessons, one each day.

Each lesson contains information and practical exercises that will help you reach your writing goals.

The workbook helps you keep track of your progress.


You can keep reusing the course each week until you've reached your goal.

Adjust your goals as you go and keep practicing the principles from the lessons.

Whenever you feel lost, you can always email me, whether you're going through it for the first or the tenth time.

What's covered in this email course?

Lesson 1

Why you feel self-doubt & how to create positive associations

  • We dive a little bit into the psychology behind self-doubt;
  • you'll set your first writing goals;
  • you'll start an exercise to create positive associations with your writing tasks.

Lesson 2

Creating a calmer mind.

Whether it's something you love or hate (or perhaps have no opinion of), meditation can do wonders in judging yourself less and create a calmer mind. So, in this lesson, you'll get a meditation exercise.

While I recommend you to give it a try, if it's not for you, you don't have to keep up the habit.

Lesson 3

Reframing your thinking

In this lesson you'll get exercises that are used in psychology to help you reframe your thinking. You'll learn:

  • how your thoughts, feelings, and actions connect to each other;
  • how to reframe negative thoughts about your writing;
  • how this will affect your feelings and actions.

Lesson 4

Dealing with intense emotions

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • what bad coping behaviors are and why to avoid them;
  • how to acknowledge both the good and the bad feelings;
  • how to accept your emotions without wallowing in them.

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