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    Holiday Gift Guide for Readers who Love Fantasy & Sci-Fi

    The holiday season is getting closer by the day, including the dreading buying of the gift. What do you get someone who loves books, other than books? Or what do you put on your wishlist aside from the usual book or book-giftcard?

    Don’t worry, I got you.

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy and sci-fi

    I made this super-extensive holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy and Sci-Fi, to—here comes the anti-climax—guide you. At the moment, it’s more of an Amazon holiday gift guide, ’cause everything on here is what you can get on Amazon, but I intend to extend this post also to include Etsy and other sellers. So why not do that immediately? Well, this post was already quite time-consuming to write and research, so I figured I’d get it out there already and add more to it on occasion.

    Anyway, that’s why there are the subheaders that say ‘Amazon’, and there are no other subheaders. There will be more.

    So, are you ready for this holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy & sci-fi? Because here it comes!

    Jump straight to:


    I absolutely love bookish-themed candles. So they’re the first items in this holiday gift guide. There are so many to choose from, and they will give your home a nice, cozy vibe in the winter months. When you’re in doubt about what to buy, you can never go wrong with candles, especially if they’re themed after beloved fantasy characters in books and shows.


    bookish holiday gift guide candle book quote

    Some candles I found on Amazon include this soy candle with the quote: “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” It’s a very true statement and rather generic, so you can never go wrong with that one. It also has a scent of fresh green tea and lemongrass. I personally prefer fresh scents like these, but some people prefer more sweet scents.

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy candle pink

    This candle pops with its bright pink color, which can brighten up any room. The quote says: “Go away, I’m reading.” Perfect for any sassy friend you have. The scent is orange scones and cinnamon buns, so it’s a better fit for people who love sweet scents.

    bookish holiday gift guide candle with narnia quote

    For more themed quotes, there’s this great one from Narnia: “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” The scent is peppermint and eucalyptus, so that’s extremely fresh.

    holiday gift guide candle doctor who

    Know someone who’s a big fan of Doctor Who? Then get them this candle! The text says: Hello sweetie. Smells like a madman with a box who is and always will be the optimist and has never met anyone who wasn’t important. Geronimo! The actual scent is bergamot and vanilla sandalwood.

    holiday gift guide blog rhysand candle

    Or perhaps some Sarah J. Maas fans? Then go for the Rhysand candle, with its bold and blue color. It smells of starlight, shadows, and citrus… Mm, I wonder what starlight smells like.

    bookish holiday gift guide team jacob candle

    With Midnight Sun finally there, you might feel some ‘Team Jacob’ or ‘Team Edward’ nostalgia. I used to be totally Team Edward, but nowadays, I feel Jacob was the better choice. So here you go, a ‘Team Jacob’ candle! (There’s also a Team Edward one available, don’t worry). It has a supposedly firey smell, but apparently, it smells like cinnamon.

    Or perhaps you have a friend, colleague, or family member who loves Outlander and wants to dream away with fantasies of Jamie Fraser… (who wouldn’t, really?). This candle smells like fir, amber, and moss, to transport you to a Scottish forresty landscape. What more do you want?


    There’s not a much better gift to give, even to readers who love fantasy than jewelry. Whether it’s bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, wearing your love for books with pretty jewelry says it all.


    holiday gift guide for readers necklace i read past my bedtime

    A necklace that says, “I read past my bedtime.” It even looks like a pocket watch. It’s incredibly adorable, and I reckon a great bookish gift for the book lover in your life.

    bookish holiday gift guide nightmare before christmas bracelet

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite animated movies of all time. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Make someone happy with this Nightmare Before Christmas bracelet!

    holiday giftguide for readers who love fantasy golden snitch necklace

    I think it’s rare to find a person who doesn’t love Harry Potter, but there are some people who are total Potterheads and will want anything related to the franchise. Have one of those people in your life? Then the next view items are perfect for them! This necklace with a golden snitch makes it clear you love Quidditch.

    holiday bookish gifts fantastic beasts charm bracelet

    Or what about a charm bracelet? I used to have one as a little girl, with charms my grandmother bought for me. I reckon I would’ve loved these charms as well!

    bookish holiday gift guide ravenclaw bracelet

    A great gift for anyone who’s a fan of Fantastic Beasts. Or looking for a way to show your House? Then give this Ravenclaw bracelet to the Ravenclaw in your life (other houses are also possible).

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy time turner necklace

    What would you do if you could turn back in time? Try it for yourself with this time-turner necklace.

    holiday gift guide fantasy harry potter earrings

    And how about some earrings? Do you have a niece who loves Harry Potter? Or perhaps a sister or a friend? Then these earrings are a perfect gift.

    holiday gift guide fantasy necklace aquaman

    Want a more manly necklace for a guy, you know? Then look no further than this Aquaman necklace (no one can ever claim Jason Mamoa isn’t manly).


    Book sleeves are a book lover’s best friend: they keep the books in perfect condition. No tears or scratches on the covers while carrying a book around. They’re protected in a fashionable sleeve! So they’re a perfect gift for a reader, especially if they have a fantasy-theme.


    holiday gift guide bookish book sleeve floral

    A sleeve with a gorgeous floral print to keep your books looking good and protected.

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy book sleeve alice in wonderland

    Do you know someone who loves Alice in Wonderland? Then this book sleeve is perfect for them. It even has text from the book in there!

    bookish holiday gift guide book sleeve cats

    Or what about this sleeve with cats in ‘the day of the dead’ style? The perfect combo of cats and a little horror.

    holiday gift guide blog book sleeve sloths

    I have a thing with sloths. I’m not sure why. Perhaps because they’re slow and lazy like me? Anyway, you’re bound to know someone who has the same sloth affinity as I do, so make them happy with this sloth-themed book sleeve!

    bookish holiday gift guide book sleeve i read so i don't choke people

    Last but not least: if you have a sassy person in your life who has a bit of dark and ironic humor, I’m sure they can appreciate it if you get them this book sleeve. Saving lives every day by reading.

    Bookish Decor

    Some small and fun bookish items can really spruce up the decor in your house. As such, they deserve a spot in this holiday gift guide. These items are perfect for someone to place in their bookcase, on their desk, or wherever else they want to put it.


    bookish holiday gift guide decor book vase

    I had no idea this existed, but how freaking adorable is this? Small book ‘vases’, where you can put some mini-items in for decoration.

    holiday gift guide bookish book ladder

    This thing is apparently called a ‘Jacob’s ladder’, and is perfect for book lovers to put on their desk as decoration.

    holiday gift guide for readers fuck off i'm reading sign

    No one wants to be bothered when reading, and there’s no better way to tell someone to go away than with this ‘fuck off, I’m reading sign.’ It’s not very subtle, but I’m sure it’s effective.

    decor pillow with quote holiday gift guide

    Or what about… pillows! It’s an easy thing to give, especially if you know the color-scheme in someone’s home, or you just give a neutral white or black color. Who doesn’t love a pillow with a good quote on there?

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy harry potter pencil cup

    Or perhaps you want to buy something for someone who has a lot of pencils, but no place to put them? Or maybe they do, but the place they put them sucks? Then get them this awesome Harry Potter pencil cup in the shape of a cauldron. Then it can double as a cauldron to make their potions in.


    A drink is always the perfect pairing with a good book. For me, it’s generally coffee, but tea and books equally work like a charm. And what better way to read and drink, than to have your drink in a cool bookish mug? It’s really a foolproof gift: everyone needs more mugs in their life. So read on in this holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy and Sci-Fi to check out the awesome mugs I found.


    holiday gift guide bookish mug bookdragon

    Who doesn’t want to be a dragon? A book dragon no less! This mug is a great gift for anyone who loves books and dragons.

    bookish holiday gift guide cat mug

    Or do you have an avid reader as a friend, who also loves cats? Then you can’t go wrong with this mug with books and a cat on it.

    holiday gift guide for readers mug bookmarks are quitters quote

    Someone who never stops reading might agree with the quote on this mug: bookmarks are for quitters. It also has a nice blue hue, with sparks on it, which gives it a real magic-vibe. The magic needed to finish a book in one go, perhaps?

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy harry potter I solemnly swear mug

    Know someone with a secret (or not so secret) love for Harry Potter? Then this is the mug you can give them! It starts out black, but changes to the Marauders map quote when there’s a hot beverage in it—like magic.

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy and sci-fi mandalorian mugs

    Is your dad into sci-fi and enjoying the new show The Mandalorian? (I know mine is). Then get them this rough-looking metal Mandalorian mug.

    Pins, Buttons & Keychains

    More in the market for a small gift? No worries! I added those in this holiday gift guide as well. A pin, button, or keychain can be the perfect gift.


    amazon holiday gift guide bookish quote pin

    Such as this enamel pin with a cup of tea, and text saying: “Drink tea. Read books.”

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy nevermore raven pin

    Or a pin with an Edgar Ellan Poe theme, such as this crow with Nevermore on it.

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy pins game of thrones house stark

    Any Game of Thrones fans? Then they will love the pins with House Stark theme

    amazon holiday gift guide keychain hammer thor

    Do you know someone who loves Marvel and the Avengers? Then perhaps they will also enjoy having the hammer of Thor with them at all times, as a keychain.

    aquaman trident keychain

    Or maybe they like the DC universe better? Then the trident from Aquaman is the way to go.

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy harry potter buttons

    There’s so much Harry Potter merch out there, it’s insane (I should probably do a separate Harry Potter gift guide at some point). Naturally, a nice budget gift for someone who loves Harry Potter, are these beautiful buttons. They can attach them to their bags, pencil cases, clothes, or whatever else they can think of.

    holiday gift guide for readers harry potter pain your own pins

    Do you want to make it a bit more special? And is the book lover in question also quite artsy? Then you can get them this Harry Potter enamel pin set where they can paint their own pins. Cool, no?


    Some great leather bags, tote bags, or backpacks: everyone needs bags. I personally have accumulated quite the collection of tote-bags. And I could always use more. So, I’m gonna totally project here and go on a limp and say other book lovers will also want to have a tote-bag (or another bag) with a great bookish theme.


    holiday gift guide for readers who love sci-fi doctor who bag

    A bag in the theme of Doctor Who? Umm—yes please! It also has a shoulder strap. Totally unrelated yet related: David Tennant will always be the best Doctor in my humble opinion. I’m willing to fight anyone who disagrees.😋

    holiday gift guide bookish game of thrones map bag

    More in need of something Game of Thrones related? Then you’ll be happy with this fake-leather bag with the map of Westeros on it.

    amazon gift guide bookish harry potter faux letter satchel with hogwarts emblem

    I’m pretty sure almost every category on this page has a Harry Potter item on it. So bags are no exception. Check out this fancy-looking satchel, in a nice brown-red color (what’s the name? Burgundy or something?), with the Hogwarts emblem.

    backpack with harry potter hufflepuff emblem on it

    Or are you looking for a backpack? No problem! What about a backpack in House theme, such as this Hufflepuff one? (Or one of the other houses).

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy where the wild things are tote bag

    But perhaps a tote-bag is more the style you’re going for with your gift. Then you should check out this bag with ‘where the wild things are’ on it.


    Time for the next items on this holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy and Sci-Fi: clothes. Giving clothes can be a bit tricky if you’re not sure about someone’s size (or taste). So be sure only to get clothes for someone when you’re sure it will fit, or when it’s something like a pajama or socks.


    holiday gift guide for fantasy lovers womens tshirt tyrell house game of thrones

    Know a Game of Thrones enthusiast? Someone who was rooting for the Tyrells? Then you can gift them this v-neck shirt, which is quite sleek and simple, with the Tyrell emblem as a subtle addition.

    mother of dragons womens pajama set

    Or do you want to give dreams of riding dragons as the mother of dragons? This pajama will do just that.

    mens tshirt the nightbare before christman holiday gift guide

    I can’t have a gift guide for readers who love fantasy, and not include a Nightmare Before Christmas. Mostly because I love me some NBC merch. Do you know I used to have a purse with Jack’s head on it when I was, like, 16 years old or something? So I know there is a teen out there who will love this Nightmare Before Christmas T-shirt!

    harry potter top i solemnly swear I'm up to no good

    I Solemnly Swear I am Up to No Good’ in this extremely cute top. I bet you know someone who would love to wear it.

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy baby body and legging harry potter theme

    Even if you need a gift for a baby, I won’t let you down! How freaking adorable are these Harry Potter baby bodysuits? Seriously, if I had a baby… I’d want these. It’s never too early to raise them to love magic, right? 😋

    sirius black quote the ones that love us never really leave us holiday gift guide

    Another great Harry Potter quote comes from Sirius Black: “The Ones That Love Us, Never Really Leave Us.” And what better way to showcase that wisdom than on this T-shirt?

    holiday gift guide for readers tshirt easily distracted by cats and books

    What’s a better combination than cats and books? (Except perhaps cats, books & coffee). This T-shirt is perfect for anyone who agrees with that statement.

    bookish holiday gift guide socks with hogwarts emblem

    One of the most common gifts to give a person are socks. And who says giving someone socks is a bad thing? Not if the socks you give are awesome! Such as these Harry Potter-themed socks.

    fuck off i'm reading socks with cat and books bookish holiday gift

    Or these socks with ‘fuck off I’m reading’ on there, books, and even a cat! Purrrfect combination right there.

    holiday gift guide for readers who love sci-fi nightgown star wars with the child

    Perhaps whoever you want to buy a gift for liked the new show ‘The Mandalorian’, and fell in love with Baby Yoda (who wouldn’t? That thing is cute 😍). Then you should totally get them this night-shirt.

    pajama bottoms the child men holiday gift guide for readers who love sci-fi

    Or, if you need a gift for a dude, you can get them these pajama pants.


    Do you have a crafty, artsy person in your life? Then these gifts in this holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy are perfect!


    holiday gift guide for readers who love sci-fi the mandalorian the child DIY planter

    I absolutely adore baby Yoda from the Mandalorian tv-show, and if you know someone who feels the same way, this diy planter is the way to go. They can color it themselves!

    bookish holiday gift guide build your own wooden aragog

    For a more creepy diy gift, you can get someone this build-your-own wooden model of Aragog. You know, that huge, terrifying spider from Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets that still gives me nightmares?

    harry potter themed stamps holiday gift guide for readers

    A far cuter gift are these Harry Potter-themed stamps. Small & adorable figures, with a stamp of their face at the bottom. Perfect for a kid who enjoys drawing, coloring, and stamping. And let’s be real, you can’t start soon enough with educating them on Harry Potter, right?

    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy diy wand making set with sticks, glue and paint

    But the real winner? This set for making your own wand! Finally, you can actually give someone the gift of magic.

    holiday gift guide paint your own marvel posters kit

    A gift for someone who’s more into Marvel comics is this set of paint-your-own posters. Cool-ass posters of their favorite superheroes that they painted all by themselves. The best artwork they can get.

    bookish holiday gift guide make your own flower crown

    For the future flower-girl, you need to get this diy flower rose crown. It’s Beauty and the Beast inspired, and it will give any little girl (or boy, let’s not be gender normative) that extra bit of magic.

    amazon holiday gift guide color your own bookmarks alice in wonderland theme

    Giving bookmarks is always a good idea, but having someone create their own is even cooler! With these Alice in Wonderland bookmarks, they get the print and coloring pencils, and the rest they can do themselves. Totally unique.

    holiday gift guide fantasy fairylight set with lights, paper and pot with disney theme

    This one is also more of a gift for kids, but honestly, I kinda love it too. So it’s also an acceptable gift for adults who love crafting and Disney (or Peppa the Pig, or baby Yoda). Just picture how pretty these fairylights will look in the garden or in the house during early winter nights?


    They’re an easy and inexpensive gift, bound to make any reader more than happy. So get ready for some bookmark recommendations.


    hogwarts bookmark holiday gift guide for readers

    For any Harry Potter enthusiast, bookmarks in the HP theme will do. Pick one that represents their house (if you know it).

    amazon holiday gift guide bookmark with hufflepuf emblem

    Or, if you don’t know their house, pick the generic one with the Hogwarts emblem.

    not meow i'm reading bookmark with reading kitten holiday gift guide bookish

    The bookmarks by Peter Pauper Press are also great. I have two of them, and they look exactly as they do on the website, and the quality is really good. You can get, for instance, this adorable one with a kitty on it.

    Need more bookmark inspiration? Check out my blogpost dedicated to bookmarks.

    Funko Pops

    I will let you in on a little secret: I love Funko Pops. I’m not sure why, considering they’re just figurines that are standing on my bookshelves, but at one point during the pandemic, it seemed like a new Funko Pop was added to my collection each week. So, do you have a friend with a small (or large) obsession as well? Then check out these gifts!


    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy harry potter funko set with harry, ron and hermione

    The most popular Funko’s? Harry Potter of course! You can for sure buy someone’s love with this collectors set that has Harry, Ron & Hermione.

    dumbledore funko pop holiday gift guide

    But then again, most collectors already have these three, so you might want to give them a less popular character, such as this Dumbledore.

    holiday gift guide for readers harry potter advent calendar

    OR (and this is my personal favorite) get them an advent calendar! With Funko’s! 🤩

    holiday gift guide for readers who love sci-fi the child funko mandalorian

    Another popular Funko franchise is Star Wars. So why not give someone this cute baby Yoda Funko?

    the mandalorian funko pop holiday gift guide

    Or perhaps this one of the Mandalorian himself?

    thor marvel funko amazon holiday gift guide

    There’s also plenty of options if you’re dealing with a Marvel enthusiast. Such as this Thor Funko.

    christmas baby groot funko pop holiday gift guide for readers who love sci-fi

    Or this adorable Christmas themed one from baby Groot!

    the nightmare before christmas funko pop advent calendar holiday gift guide

    Or another advent calendar idea is this Funko calendar from Nightmare Before Christmas! Super awesome!


    Of course there are also some leftover items I have no idea how to categorize. So here you go with the final stretch of this holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy or Sci-Fi books (or someone who just loves fantasy or Sci-Fi stuff).


    holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy notebook with slytherin emblem

    First of is this Harry Potter themed notebook, which you can get in a certain House design.

    harry potter planner marauders map holiday bookish gift guide

    Or this cool Harry Potter 12-month planner in the style of the Marauders map. Want to give away something a bit more magical?

    hermione wand amazon holiday gift guide

    Then this wand in the style of Hermione Granger is the way to go.

    holiday gift guide for readers coffee beans with harry potter theme

    Know someone who loves coffee & Harry Potter? Then get them this coffee called ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts’. Think they can battle a Boggart with that coffee?

    accio coffee spoon holiday gift guide

    A nice addition with this gift is this special spoon that has ‘Accio Coffee’ engraved in it.

    throwblanket harry potter marauders map holiday gift guide for readers who love fantasy

    Want to give a cozy blanket? Then check out this throw blanket with the Marauders map on it.

    holiday gift guide for readers neckpillow hedwig

    And for even more coziness, you can get this neck pillow with Hedwig on there. It will be like they have Hedwig on their shoulder (well, almost).

    Those are all my holiday gift guide ideas for readers who love fantasy

    Alright, I hope this has given you plenty of ideas as to what to buy the book lover in your life (or what to ask for if you’re that book lover). Was it enough of a guide for your holiday gifts? I know it has given me quite some inspiration! Perhaps I’ll give my dad something different than beer this year…

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