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    June Writing Update: Finally Writing Again

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    Welcome to my writing update for June.

    This is part of a series where I update you on my writing progress each month. Not necessarily to pat myself on the back for writing (which I basically never do) but because I thought it might be helpful to you.

    You never know if you find some process in there that might also work for you, right?

    Also, I post links to other helpful articles I found on the world-wide-web, so if nothing else here is helpful, at least that is.

    You can find the past writing updates here.

    writing update june 2021 finally writing again
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    What I worked on this month


    In case that sentence totally threw you off, let me explain.

    I’ve been stuck plotting for a few months now, mainly because I kept changing the plot (it’s just never quite what I want it to be). However, this time around, I finally knew what it had to be.

    So it’s finally done!

    I have my plot!

    And, what’s more, I started writing my first scenes. As of today, I’ve written 9 (!) scenes, which is around 14k. Granted, some of these scenes need to be worked on a tad more, so the wordcount will become a bit higher.

    I’m just really psyched that I finally got to write again, and it’s feeling good.

    I just hope the plot works and the story will work out well.

    But, we’ll see.

    What I did learn this month, is that having that plot definitely helps, as I know how the story is going to end, and what things need to be included to have it all tie together. So, whenever I’m working out a scene, I have a list of things that need to be included in that scene, which makes the writing go a lot faster.

    I know the plotting phase was hard, but I can definitely recommend it (and it might not take you as long). It will save you a lot of time going back and forth.

    My Goals for July

    Basically, write more scenes!

    I should have added approximately 12 additional scenes by the end of July (crazy, right?). Meaning, I’ll be pretty much halfway through writing my book by the end of the month!

    Another goal is to brainstorm a short story and write my first draft for it. I’ve been asked to participate in an anthology with the theme ‘Journeys.’ Since I think it’s cool, I do want to submit a story for it.

    Helpful writing articles

    🍁On the blog, I posted the next Hero’s Journey Archetype: the Trickster. What is the function of an Trickster character and how can you best incorporate it in your story?

    🍁 Want to know how to publish your book on Amazon? You can find the steps in this guide.

    🍁 If self-publishing is not your jam, you can find some amazing tips in this article right here for writing a query letter.

    🍁 What makes a good anti-hero? Find out here.

    Tell me about your writing progress

    That was it for my June writing update. Any project you’re working on? How’s your writing going? What are you struggling with, or what’s going really well?

    Let me know in the comments!

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    Want to Learn More About Writing?

    Sign up & receive access to my FREE WRITING WEBINARS
    designed to help you along your writing journey. In addition, you will get weekly writing tips & tricks in your inbox.

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