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Indie reading challenge 3

Indie Reading Challenge 2020: Multiple POVs

Novels with multiple POVs can truly add to the reading experience: you get more than one view of events, a different kind of tension, and more personalities you can love or love to hate. So read on for my five picks of Indie books that feature multiple POV characters. Also,

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Reading Challenge Indie Book Series

Indie Reading Challenge 2020: Book series

We are on to the next challenge! This one is all about book series. Read further to discover new books to read, and that you can keep reading more of when you’ve fallen in love with the world and the characters. Now, if you haven’t read about the challenge yet,

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royal assassin book review

Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb

I usually make notes while I’m reading books to help later on when I’m writing a review. I didn’t do this for Royal Assassin. Why? Because it was just so darn good, I couldn’t bring myself to stop reading to take notes. Like Assassin’s Apprentice (which review you can read

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Open book with pencil, pictures and glasses

Nailing the Genre of your story

Today’s post is all about Genre:The difference between content Genres & market genresWhat the content Genres areHow to find the global Genre of your storyHow to mix Genres & add subplots When reading, I’ve noticed that in some stories, the Genre seems slightly fuzzy at first, which can create confusion

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Fantasy Indie 2020 Reading Challenge: non-native English

Fantasy Indie Reading Challenge: Non-native English speaking

Are you taking part in the 2020 Fantasy Indie Reading Challenge? Read further to discover new books to read for the challenge ‘Author from a non-native English speaking country.’ I’m excited to do this challenge with you, as it’s also the first time I’ve created a challenge. It’s been a

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Clan of the Skyriders by Florence Phillips book review

Clan of the Skyriders by Florence Phillips

Clan of the Skyriders is a romance story set in a dystopian world. The book has a fascinating world, with a small society with people ‘bred’ to perfection, and who ride giant birds. It also gives two very different perspectives; Efalaa, who questions their ways, and Morgunn, who beliefs in

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