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      Latest From The Blog

      witchcraft vs sorcery: do you know the difference?

      Witchcraft vs. Sorcery: Do You Know the Difference?

      The difference between witchcraft and sorcery has been confusing me lately as I write my book. Hence this article: witchcraft vs. sorcery. When can you call something witchcraft? And when is it sorcery? My search, however, potentially led to even more confusion. I think the short answer to the question,

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      12 portal fantasy writing prompts

      12 Portal Fantasy Writing Prompts

      Need some portal fantasy writing prompts? Not to worry, I got you covered! Portal fantasy stories are fun to read and even more fun to write. Not to mention, they’re incredibly popular (think Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or the Narnia series). In a portal fantasy, the characters are usually ordinary

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      how to develop a fictional character readers won't forget

      How to Develop a Fictional Character Readers Won’t Forget

      It’s not always easy to develop a fictional character. And yet we all want to write characters readers won’t forget. There are many different ways you can do character development, and one way is not necessarily better or worse than another way. So what do you choose then? This article

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      six different book covers of vampire books

      The Best Books with Vampires to Sink Your Fangs Into

      Below you can find the best vampire books to sink your fangs into! These books with vampires are sure to excite, thrill, or swoon you. Whether you’re looking for books to read if you like the vampire diaries (hint: you can also read the books from the series) or looking

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