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      Latest From The Blog

      Dance of Despair book review

      Dance of Despair by Kara S Weaver

      Dance of Despair hit all the highs for me. It was gripping, with increasing stakes, action, romance, and a kick-ass heroine. Kara wrote an even better book here compared to Crown of Conspiracy (which was already pretty good!). It’s an impressive feat, especially considering both books are self-published. If you

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      time to write

      Useful Tips for Busy Writers: How to Make Time for Writing

      Making time to write can be tough: we all lead busy lives. But, with some honest self-reflection and dedication, it is possible to make time to write. Below, I present to you a case-study (spoiler: it’s me). I’ve loved to write for as long as I can remember. However, over

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      blog legal

      Make your blog legal with these easy to use forms

      Are you a website owner or thinking about starting a website? Are you going to blog on that website? Adding affiliate links, or wanting to sell products? Then you need to have legal templates on your site! While there are free legal templates for bloggers, they’re often not comprehensive enough,

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      book releases august

      18 Best Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Releases of August 2020

      While it’s July right now, with plenty of amazing books to read, it doesn’t hurt to look and see the best fantasy & sci-fi book releases of August! There are some amazing books being released in August. Perhaps it’s still early to look at it, but if you’re like me,

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      Holy Sister book review

      Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence

      Holy Sister (Ace publisher) is the conclusion of honestly one of the best coming-of-age fantasy trilogies I’ve ever read. The story builds further on the events of Grey Sister, coming to a satisfying conclusion. It brings together every thread of this and the previous books, finally giving is the full

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      Little-known books challenge 6 of fantasy indie reading challenge 2020

      Indie Reading Challenge 2020: Little-Known Books

      Little-known books can still be totally worth it! The fact is, it is tough out there for the self-published author, with many books available on Amazon to compete with. So, just because a book doesn’t have that many reviews, doesn’t mean it’s not good. Still, reviews are extremely important for

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