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new releases august 2021

17 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Releases August 2021

Below you can find the 17 best fantasy & sci-fi book releases of August 2021! Find some new great reads to take with you on your summer holiday. Check out the different titles with genres in the overview, and click on the titles you’re interested in to jump to that

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june mini book reviews

June Reading WrapUp: What To Read Next?

Welcome to the June 2021 reading wrapup. Admittedly, I didn’t read a lot of books this month.  Tat’s mostly because both of the books were pretty big tomes (especially Empire’s Ruin).  However, both books were really great and I am glad I read them. So, look below to find out

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june writing update

June Writing Update: Finally Writing Again

Welcome to my writing update for June. This is part of a series where I update you on my writing progress each month. Not necessarily to pat myself on the back for writing (which I basically never do) but because I thought it might be helpful to you. You never

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hero's journey archetype trickster

The Hero’s Journey: Archetype Series, Part 8 – The Trickster

The Hero’s Journey Archetype series continues with Part 8: the Ally. For the previous parts, check out: 1. The Hero archetype 2. The Mentor archetype 3. The Threshold Guardian archetype 4. The Herald archetype 5. The Shapeshifter archetype 6. The Shadow archetype 7. The Ally archetype This series focuses on

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new releases july 2021

18 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Releases July 2021

The summer is there! Although, as I’m writing this post, it’s raining pretty hard. So no real summer vibes there. Still, summer is the perfect time to get some more reading in while on holiday, relaxing on the beach, or simply in your garden or home. Check out the different

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