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    10 Reasons to read The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

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    The Light Fantastic is the sequel to The Color of Magic. So, to keep in spirits with the previous post, I will give you another 10 reasons to read The Light Fantastic!

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    the light fantastic

    1. You’ve already read The Color of Magic

    It’s a very obvious one, I know. But, since you’ve read The Color of Magic, which ended on quite the cliffhanger, you will want to continue with the Light Fantastic. If you enjoyed the former, that is.

    2. More great quotes!

    To support this argument:

    “Of course I’m sane, when trees start talking to me, I don’t talk back.”

    “It looked like the sort of book described in library catalogues as ‘slightly foxed’, although it would be more honest to admit that it looked as though it had been badgered, wolved and possibly beared as well.”

    “I often don’t know where my Luggage is, that’s what being a tourist is all about.”

    3. Some tentative sci-fi elements

    For one thing, there are multiple dimensions, and there’s talk of the apocalypse. Granted, the novel is a lot more focused on fantasy and fantasy tropes, but it’s nice to see some sci-fi ideas implanted in there as well.

    4. You keep discovering more

    Seriously, every time I decide to reread this series, I discover new references. There’s just so much in there! Not just references to popular fantasy tropes, but also to mythical creatures, both old and new myths, and legends, as well as biblical references. While this book may appear just a funny fantasy story on the surface, it actually has a lot of layers.

    5. Improved writing

    As a general rule, writers get better with each book they write. This is also the case with the Light Fantastic. While perhaps the Color of Magic felt a bit disjointed sometimes, the Light Fantastic feels more like a coherent story, which makes it a bit easier to follow.

    6. New wonderful characters

    We get introduced to a new cast of side-characters who help or hinder Twoflower and Rincewind in their adventure. We meet the likes of Cohen the Barbarian, and Bethan, a sacrificial victim-to-be at a Druidical festival.

    7. Enter DEATH’s realm

    Always wanted to know what the after-life looks like? You can find out! Just beware of Death’s daughter…

    8. More Luggage

    By now you know that the Luggage is totally awesome, and you’re going to want to read more about him. I know you do.

    9. Find out more about the Eighth Spell

    As you know, there’s a spell stuck in Rincewind’s head. But what is it? What will it do? This is where you find out!

    10. Again, quite short

    While the sequel is a bit longer than the Color of Magic, it’s still on the short side, especially for fantasy. I mean, it’s still under 300 pages long.

    So, read it!

    If you’re looking for something light and fun to read, this series is absolutely perfect. While the first novel might be a bit more all over the place, the Light Fantastic has a stronger plot and improved writing, and finishes the story beautifully. Not to mention that it is again imaginative, rich with great and fleshed-out characters, and lots of humor and satire.

    Have you read the Light Fantastic? What are your thoughts on it? Or on any other book from the Discworld?

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    New SFF-themed Book Bingo!

    Sign up for the newsletter & challenge yourself with the SFF Bookish Bingo printable. Get new inspiration & recommendations straight to your inbox.

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