You take a deep breath and walk through the portal.

Suddenly, you’re sucked in and darkness envelops you. You feel like you’re soaring through a long tunnel, and after some time (minutes? days? seconds?) you’re starting to see colors and glimmering lights.




The darkness vanishes and you’re blinded by a bright light. You feel yourself falling. “AAAAH!”




You didn’t fall far at all. You blink as the light fades, and you find yourself back on your couch. With the Dutch woman standing in front of you, looking expectantly.


“Welcome back! How’re you feeling?”


“Wh—what just happened?”


Well… it would appear that this one is a little slow…


“You walked through the portal. You traveled 24 hours in the future, remember?” I look at you with eyebrows raised.


“Right.” You look around, still somewhat dazed. You notice that there are a lot more empty food containers on your table.


“So, as a result, you’ve now arrived in this extra story. You get even more content to read than if you’d just waited a day for the next email!”


“Did you eat my food?”


I sigh. “Yes. You traveled into the future, but I had to wait. I got hungry, okay? But that’s not important.”


You grunt, seeing that of all the food you had, I ate your favorite. Damned.


“So, as I said,” I say in a sharp voice, making you look up. “By clicking the portal link in my emails, you go to a new page on the website. It’s a parallel story, a little bit of extra for people who are exceptionally excited about getting the emails.


It’s just more fun for you, as you get to be the hero in these stories! Neat, huh?”


You shrug. “I guess.”


My eyes twitch a little. “You guess? Well… perhaps you’ll need a bit more convincing than I thought.


Anyway, as promised, you should have a new email from me by now. It’s called ‘Quick Tips to choose your next book’. So go over to your inbox and check it out!


And if you go through the portal again… I will see you back here. And I promise you’ll star in a positively thrilling story.


If you can handle it.