After you've walked through the portal,

After you’ve walked through the portal, you find yourself standing in the middle of a market. Stalls surround you with varying products and vendors yelling from the top of their lungs so that no one can understand what they’re saying.


“Welcome to the marketplace.”


You don’t even jump up anymore, already expecting that I would appear next to you.


“What are we doing here?” you ask, your glance looking at the different items. You see candles, bookmarks, prints, funko’s, mugs, and a lot more.


“I did say I would show you some more of my favorite bookish stuff. So here we are. At the risk of sounding salesy, just a reminder that the links on this page are affiliate links. If you do like the recommendations, click on the link, and then decide to buy something (anything, really), I get a small commission. Don’t worry; it won’t cost you extra.


Anyway, these are some products I really love, and I feel they enhance my reading experience. Or, in any case, they make my bookish heart happy. And that’s what I want for you too.”


You shrug. You’ve dealt with enough salespeople in your life; you know you won’t buy anything unless you love it. “Sure, why not.”


I cock my head and frown. “Yeah… that’s the spirit.”


You follow me to the very first stall. Immediately you’re overwhelmed by the fragrances clashing in your nose and the bright colors of the candles in front of you.


“This is EverafterCandle. They make bookish-themed candles! They’re from the Netherlands, so they already got that going for them. But, honestly, I’ve tried a couple of different brands, and I just keep coming back to Everafter Candle! In terms of smell, they’re just the absolute best. They even smell before you start burning them, but it’s even better when you burn them. It creates the perfect atmosphere for when you’re reading. Trust me.”


Admittedly, your hands start to itch with seeing all these amazing products. Oh damn. This might be harder than you thought.


“Don’t worry, just a few more stalls! You’ll get through it,” I say, smiling at your obvious struggle.


We stop at a stall filled with funko figures, from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and many more.


“Now, I know not everyone has a thing for these, but I’ve started a new addiction while we were in lockdown. I started buying funko’s. I kinda had to stop myself at some point, or I’d buy way too many. But my favorite place to buy them is Zavvi.


They have a pretty large collection. Sometimes it may take some time before you get your funko because they don’t have it available at that time, but it always comes through in the end.”


Crap, all these funko’s look so freakingly adorable. You can already see your shelves lined up with all of these figures…




You clutch your fists and blink rapidly a few times. You can’t succumb to this growing need of buying everything you see. Must. Not. Buy.


Must. Not. Buy.


Must. Buy.




“Don’t worry, your torture is almost over,” I say with a smile as we arrive at the last stand. It’s filled with all types of bookmarks.


“This one is actually more of a collection of different sellers, both on Amazon (’cause let’s face it, it is easy) and on Etsy. I made a nice compilation of my favorite bookmarks in this blog-post here.


So, that was it! Those are my absolute favorite bookish things. I hope you found some new stuff to check out and considered buying some of them. It won’t just support the businesses, but also me. And you’ll get awesome stuff. So, you know. Win-win.


A new email has also arrived in your mailbox, titled “Getting to know you.