You step through the portal once more.

I’m almost going to miss that portal once it’s gone.


You look at where you are, and your mouth drops. Before you, there’s a gigantic mountain. But it’s entirely made off…




“Impressive, ain’t it?” As always, I appear by your side. “It’s the to-be-read-mountain. No one has been able to climb it yet.”


I glance over at you. “Better close that mouth, you know. Before any bookbutterflies fly in.”




I shrug. “What do you think bookworms transform into? Anyway, this is your mountain. All the books you still want to read, those you know off, and those you don’t.”


“I have my own mountain?” You stare at the giant in front of you. There’s no way you would ever read this many books. Or would want to read this many books.


“Of course. No one wants to read the exact same books. There’s always differences.”


“I—I can never climb this. It’s just too much,” you breathe.


My smile widens. “Of course you can’t. That’s the point.”


You frown in confusion. “What?”


I let out an audible sigh and roll my eyes. “Have you learned nothing? Reading isn’t an end-goal. Reading isn’t something you can conquer. Even if you read the books you wanted to read, there will be new ones. You’ll discover new authors, new genres, and your favorite authors will continue to publish new books.


It never stops.




Reading is a continuous journey, without an end.”


You cock your head, still feeling overwhelmed by it all. “It still seems too much.”


I nod. “Don’t I know it. But don’t worry: if you try out the tips from the first email, you’ll eliminate a lot of books already. And if you follow some tips on this post about reading more, you might read some more books.


And even if you don’t…” I shrug. “It still doesn’t matter.


Like I said: reading isn’t an end-goal. If you like to put a number on what you read, sure you can. You can do the Goodreads challenge or whatever other challenge. But those things shouldn’t stress you out.


What’s important is that you enjoy reading. Whether you read five books each month, just one, or maybe even less. Numbers don’t matter.”


Numbers don’t matter… You start to feel a little less overwhelmed by it all. In fact, you feel rather excited about reading some of those books on that giant pile! You’re even looking forward to discussing those books with me.


How about that?


“Sadly, the welcome sequence is almost over: your introduction to me, my blog, and the kind of books and stuff I’ll recommend are pretty much done.


So, brace yourself for the final email… and try to hold back your tears. The email is called: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.