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Working with a writing coach for your fiction novel can help you elevate your manuscript. Sometimes you just need more help to finish that book. Or even to get started.

You might've tried to write your book repeatedly, still feeling it's lacking. You've read articles and books on writing, tried feedback groups, but you still feel your story isn't strong enough.

Don't worry.

With me as your writing coach, you get recurring online meetings and extensive written feedback to craft that perfect outline and write your book.

Scroll down to get an idea of my writing coach services. Then, schedule a free 30-minute call with me to talk about your story and find out if I'm the writing coach you need for your fiction novel.


What you can expect from me

Create ideas

When you need more ideas for your story or want to know how to convert it into a story that works.

Coaching Sessions

We will have 1-hour calls to discuss your scenes, outline, and anything else you need to improve your writing.

Weekly Check-ins

To help you meet your goals, I will send you a weekly email to see how you're doing and if you need any help with your writing.

Unlimited Questions

You can email me anytime with your questions, so you never have to be stuck when writing your story.


With deadlines, to give you the push and accountability you need to further your fiction story.

Written feedback

Not only will we discuss your writing on the call, you will also receive extensive written feedback on your scenes.


Every call will be recorded so you don't have to spend the entire meeting making notes. You can look back our discussions at your own leisure.

Worksheets and information

This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the craft and create memorable characters and worlds.


"Until I met Iris, I was just a person with ideas on paper. She single-handedly turned my project into a realized craft. I couldn't be any happier with the service and am impressed with her punctuality. My characters and their world owe her a lot."

- Hisoka

"Working with Iris is absolutely wonderful. She's kind and helpful, yet doesn't hold back on her critique. She gives very detailed feedback with additional articles to help me improve in leaps and bounds."

- Michael


writing consultation

Not the service you need? Then check out my other editing services. Perhaps you need a manuscript evaluation or a copy edit?

First, I listen.

We will start with a free 30-minute chat to get to know each other. Here, we will find out what your biggest issues are when writing your book, and how I can help you with realizing your dream. 

Then, I teach

When it's a match, we will start working together until we have the best possible outline for your book, and you're writing skill has improved.

Lastly, you write

When it's time, you will write your first draft, uninterrupted by meetings. I will be there along the way as your accountability person, and I will help whenever you need it. When you've finished, we will review the manuscript together and start the editing process.


I’m Iris Marsh.

And I'm your writing coach. I'm also an editor, writer, avid reader, and hoarder of funko's and book-themed items. It's my passion to help others like you to write the best story possible.

As a fiction writer myself, I can guarantee I've been in your shoes; I know the problems you face and the insecurities. But I've also learned to overcome them and to grow. Want to know how I did that?

By hiring a writing coach.

Yes, that's right. I'm working with a writing coach as well. Knowing what works in stories written by others doesn't always help you find those things in your own work.

But I sure can help you elevate your writing.

iris marsh editor

Packages & Prices

I know time and resources can put a limit on how much you can spend on your writing development. That's why there are three different packages for you to choose from.

Once A Month

When you're short on time, the once a month option is perfect. You will still work on your book and improve your writing skill, without the stress of too much to do.

  • One monthly call
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Unlimited questions
  • Written feedback on one scene (approx. 2000 words)



Want to make more headway with your book? Then the bi-weekly option is the perfect midway option. The regular discussions and assignments will help build a writing routine.

  • Two monthly calls
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Unlimited questions
  • Written feedback on two scenes (approx. 4000 words)



When you're fully committed to finishing your novel, this is the option for you. The weekly writing assignments and discussions will really propel your progress forward.

  • Weekly calls
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Unlimited questions
  • Written feedback on four scenes (approx. 8000 words)


Let's talk!

Your first 30-minute discovery call is free.


If you need some more information

What genres do you specialize in?

I can help you with any genre you're writing in, but I do have some specialties:

  • fantasy
  • science-fiction
  • thriller
  • crime

How does payment work?

If you live within the EU, you can choose to pay with a bank transfer. Otherwise, you will be able to pay with your credit card. If you prefer payment through PayPal, then this is also possible.

Do I need to sign anything?

Yes. Once you agree to work with me, I will send you a contract with the specifics. This is both to protect you, as the client, and me, as the coach.

What if I can't afford it?

If you do want to work with me, but can't afford my services, please let me know. We can try to work out a payment plan that works for both of us.  

Can I switch packages?

Absolutely! Whenever you're swamped and need to downsize your package or feel like you want to work more on your writing, you can always switch your packages. As long as you let me know before the next payment is due, it's never a problem.

Can I pause the package?

Of course. Whether you're on holiday or simply need a break, it's always possible to pause the service. As long as you let me know before the next payment is due, this is never a problem. 

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